About morelearning4u

I’m a recently retired instructional designer who spent the past 15 years  supporting teaching and learning in 16 different graduate level online degree programs at North Carolina State University. I’ve used morelearning4u to share recommendations and reflections on assorted instructional strategies, technologies, local resources and my experiences in teaching and learning within higher education and assorted professional development programs.

During my time at NC State, I collaborated with literally hundreds faculty members who teach online, and frequently found that a perceived “lack of time” was a major challenge for professors who want to identify and integrate new and effective instructional strategies into their online teaching and learning. With that thought in mind, morelearning4u will follow a 3-part format for each post–

  1. at least one “take-away”, thought provoking idea or small nugget of information that you can gather in a 5-10 minute scan of the post
  2. additional links to supporting research, similar articles or other views for those who’d like more in depth information on a particular topic
  3. an open invitation for your comments, questions, criticisms or additional recommendations of  information on the same topic

morelearning4u continues to evolve and I welcome your comments and suggestions about how this resource would be most useful to you. Feel free to post a comment here or email me privately at dede.m.nelson@gmail.com.


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