Goal #1: Making your job easier!

Welcome to morelearning4u, where I’ve shared thoughts on e-learning, instructional strategies, meta-cognition, collaborative teams and more. I’ll continue to provide updates on new technologies, and recent publications. —  all with the goal of providing morelearning4u related to the world of scholarship and learning. As a recent retiree I’ll also be adding some personal reflections on the importance and the joys of being a lifelong learning.

There’s usually a 3-part format for each post that will include  at least one “take-away”– a thought provoking idea or small nugget of information that you can gather in a 5-10 minute scan of the post. In addition, there will be additional links to supporting research, similar articles or other views for those who’d like more in depth information on a particular topic. The third part of each post is an open invitation for your comments, questions, criticisms or additional recommendations of  information on the same or related topic.

The #1 benefit of any social media tool such as a blog like this is the potential for a robust dialog. I hope you’ll join in the fun! You can find more information about this site and its facilitator at about morelearning4u


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